Welcome to WeddingVenuesAuckland.com, a site designed for women who would like to ultimately have a wonderful relationship that will ultimately lead to a long and happy marriage.

We named this site WeddingVenuesAuckland.com because it is good to have an ideal goal in mind when on any journey. Being in the situation where it is time to choose a wedding venue is such an ideal goal. It means you have the man of your dreams, are in love and he is committed to spending his life with you. As for Auckland, it is a city in New Zealand where I have been privileged to spend my life and has some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world.

But the journey to getting to this ideal place can be a long and frustrating one. There are many stages along that relationship road to get there, often many hurdles to overcome. So this site is for all women on that path, wherever they might be on that path. This site will bring you resources to best navigate these stages. Accordingly, this site is for you if you

Million Marriage Mission

This site is proud to be a part of the Million Marriage Mission, a mission to give women the information they need to make their man want to marry them and thus facilitate the creation of one million marriages. This will be the largest pro-marriage movement in history. If you wish to learn more about the Million Marriage Mission, the founders and the free information they are giving to help women on their way to marriage then you may view a presentation from one of the founders by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to read what this site is all about. I hope you will be part of one of those million marriages and will let the WeddingVenuesAuckland.com community celebrate the news of your wedding with you by commenting on this page.

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